Cad Plated Hex Head Bolt, Undrilled Shank | AN4-47A

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Bolt: Eye,Shldr,Steel, Undrilled Shank - 5Pk | AN4-47A

AN3 - AN8 cadmium-plated steel bolts (drilled and undrilled). CADMIUM-PLATED BOLTS CONFORM TO QQ-P-416; CORROSIONRESISTANT STEEL BOLT CONFORMS TO MIL-B-6812. Available with or without single hole through shank and/or single hole through head. Part numbers as shown are for drilled shanks (e.g., AN3-3); for undrilled shanks, add ''A'' at the end of the part number (e.g., AN3-3A); for drilled heads, replace the dash with an ''H'' (e.g., AN3H3); for corrosion-resistant steel bolts, replace the dash with an ''C'' (e.g., AN3C3).