Brightline - Drone Foam Insert for DJI Mavic Air 2 / 2S

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A Custom Foam Insert for the DJI MAVIC AIR 2 / 2S. It fits inside a CS4.

It holds everything from the "Fly More Combo.

This Drone Foam Insert turns any CS4 into a secure storage and transport module for the DJI MAVIC AIR 2 / 2S. Both drones fit this foam perfectly.

We've partnered with the leading Drone Case maker, "Go Professional Cases" (in San Diego), to make this custom foam insert, so you know it's a high-end product. Everything fits perfectly, and it holds all the items that come with the "Fly More Combo." We've done some custom engineering, and GPC makes this specific item custom-built exclusively for us.

This is such a great example of the power and versatility of the BrightLine Bags FLEX System. Having the ability to create a self-contained module for your drone and then easily and quickly add or remove this module to other FLEX System modules you have with other gear is something you cannot do with any other bag.

We've assembled all of the ideal components that you would want to build the perfect drone bag for your Mavic AIR 2 / 2S. It's called the D4 QUAD. It's hard to believe that the entire set of drone gear plus a whole gathering of other supporting items and accessories fit into such a small bag. AND it's a backpack!

The best fit is to place this Foam set inside a CS4. It's specifically designed for that. But, of course, you COULD use a CS5 instead, which would let you put some stuff on top of your drone like an iPad or laptop or documents INSIDE the main compartment.

Add a POCKET CAP FRONT to carry all your accessories.

Add a PACK CAP REAR so that you can use this bag as a backpack while you're hiking with or flying your drone.
Or, of course, you can add a FLAT CAP REAR if you want to keep the back of your bag simple.

Of course, don't forget the MAIN HANDLE and SHOULDER STRAP.

And for those UAS Pilots with multiple drones, you can zip the different Center Section modules directly together and keep multiple drones together in one awesome BrightLine Bag.

Overall Dimensions

13" x 9.5" x 4"


Included for free is this clever device for coiling up the power cord neatly so that it fits perfectly in the indicated slot in the foam.