Ashland - Pliobond 25 LV, VOC-Compliant Contact Adhesive



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Ashland - Pliobond 25 LV Contact Adhesive

PLIOBOND 25 adhesive is a general-purpose, VOC-compliant, thermosetting adhesive that can be used to bond virtually all porous and nonporous substrates. When cured, PLIOBOND 25 adhesive provides tough, chip resistant bonds that remain flexible over a wide range of temperatures. Substrates bonded with PLIOBOND 25 adhesive offer excellent resistance to mechanical shock and oxidization. This adhesive offers outstanding dielectric properties and has low water absorption. PLIOBOND 25 adhesive comes ready to use; no conditioner, accelerator or catalyst is required. PLIOBOND 25 adhesive can be applied by spraying, roll coating, knife coating, or brushing.


PLIOBOND 25 adhesive can be used as a sealer, primer, water repellent, or coating for metal, wood, plastic, plastic film, ceramic, bone, ivory, glass, rubber, paper, leather, plaster, drywall, insulation, concrete, brick, and stone. Other applications include:

  • Assembling electrical appliances and equipment.
  • Doping electric motor armature coils.
  • Anchoring nonskid material to floors.
  • Waterproofing awnings, tarps, convertible tops, and outdoor furniture.
  • Protecting above-water surfaces on watercraft.