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The Instrument Procedures Handbook is a technical reference manual for professional pilots who operate under instrument flight rules (IFR). It provides real-world guidance on how instrument-rated pilots can best use the system they've trained for and in-depth coverage of instrument charts and procedures for IFR takeoff, departure, en route, arrival, approach, and landing.

For every navigation receiver and phase of flight, this handbook details the required precision needed to stay within protected airspace and make a successful approach. Safety information for relevant subjects such as runway incursion, short land-handhold operations, controlled flight into terrain, and human factors issues are covered here. The emphasis is on airplane operations, but the book contains a chapter dedicated to helicopter instrument procedures.

The Instrument Procedures Handbook expands on the FAA's Instrument Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-15). This handbook introduces advanced information for IFR operations. Airline Transport Pilots (ATP), Instrument pilots, Instrument Flight Instructors (CFIIs), and students preparing for the instrument rating will find this a valuable resource in studying for the FAA Knowledge Exams and getting ready for their check rides. Illustrated throughout with detailed, full-color drawings and photographs; also includes acronyms list, glossary, and index.

Last updated in 2015, this 2017 edition includes editorial wording changes for clarity and consistency, updated terminology to reflect current rules and procedures, and updated graphics and illustrations to improve the appearance, readability, and understanding. In-depth sections on instrument charts and procedures cover all phases of flight, from takeoff to landing. Each topic covered is well-detailed and explained in user-friendly terms.

eBook Specifications:

  • Author FAA
  • ISBN 978-1-61954-634-9
  • Effective Oct 2017
  • Date Published 2017
  • Page Count 312 pages (print edition)
  • Illustrations Full Color

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