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Following an in-depth discussion of the logic of aviation weather and basic theory, Collins takes you along on 46 actual cross-country flights. The anecdotes provide a valuable education in weather interpretation, forecasting and decision making.

"Weather is what you find, not what you expect to find." — Flying the Weather Map

There is nothing so valuable in aviation as experience. In Flying the Weather Map veteran aviator Richard Collins shares his extensive experience with all pilots, offering proven techniques for weaving preflight forecasts and inflight observations into the fabric of safe and successful flights.

After an in-depth discussion of weather theory, Collins takes us along on 46 actual cross-country flights from his own logbooks: From solid IFR to marginal VFR, we fly with him in his light airplane in all weather and in all seasons. Each flight begins with a depiction of that day's weather maps, general conditions, and charts showing the intended and actual routes. Mile by mile the flight is analyzed in Collins' clear and deliberate style, constantly comparing weather theory and the preflight information with the actual conditions beyond his windscreen. The decisions these comparisons lead him to along the way — diversions to alternates, new route requests, and even returns to his airport of origin — become our own hard-won experiences.

Aviation's most crucial decisions are when to fly, when not to fly, and when to turn tail. Using an understanding of how weather works and details of how weather phenomena affect actual flights, Flying the Weather Map teaches us how to do our own "inflight weather-casting" and make these decisions safely and soundly.

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  • Part Number ASAWXMAP
  • ISBN 9781560273196
  • Author Richard Collins
  • ISBN 978-1-56027-319-6
  • Edition Second Edition
  • Page Count 234 pages (print edition)
  • Illustrations Black and white