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In An Aviator’s Field Guide to Tailwheel Flying, author Jason Blair shares his experience in a variety of tailwheel-equipped aircraft. This book describes each of the major phases of flight and important considerations that will be useful for current or transitioning tailwheel pilots as they look to increase their proficiency. The discussion goes beyond physical flying skills into other aspects of tailwheels, such as operations in different makes and models or ages of aircraft, aircraft modifications, finding the right instructor, and challenges unique to tailwheels.

Pilots of aircraft such as Cessna 180s, Cubs, Champs, Maules or other aircraft of similar type and size will find relevant and practical tips to improve their tailwheel flying. The result of many years taking notes previously passed on to his own students as an instructor, as well as serving as a designated pilot examiner for aircraft checkouts and checkrides, Blair’s book compiles and shares this knowledge with the broader aviation community.

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Soft Cover Specifications:

  • Part Number ASATAILDRAG
  • ISBN 9781619545892
  • Authors Jason Blair
  • ISBN 978-1-61954-589-2
  • Date Published 2018
  • Page Count 96
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