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A&P/IA instructors Tim Guerrero and Vaughn Dowell of Redstone College through a step by step demonstration of a 100 hour inspection of the powerplant section of a Lycoming 0-360 powered Piper Archer. This video explains every segment of the inspection process from an initial AD search to the final log entries. It details each procedure along with the techniques, tool and material usage, and plenty of professional hints and tips. Although written for the A&P student, this film is equally applicable for the experimental aircraft owner needing to perform his/her own condition inspections, and the certificated aircraft owner simply wanting a better understanding of the inspection process.

A final 5 minute sequence covers safety wiring techniques with demonstrations of various related applications including propeller bolts, the alternator tension bolt, and the oil filter.


  •     Introduction
  •     AD search
  •     Pre-inspection flight
  •     Cleaning the engine
  •     Compression check
  •     Oil & filter change
  •     Spark plug inspection
  •     Spark plug service
  •     Ignition harness
  •     Magnetos & timing
  •     Electrical power systems
  •     Fluid leaks
  •     Carburetor & fuel system
  •     Induction
  •     Cooling system
  •     Exhaust system
  •     Cabin heat exchangers
  •     Firewall & engine mount
  •     Propeller
  •     Cowling
  •     Post inspection flight
  •     Log entries
  •     Special safety wiring section