Alaska's Bush Pilots, Commercial Operations, DVD

Jim Oltersdorf Film Production

B JOF 150

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Based upon five months of filming entirely in Alaska, the one-hour long documentary showcases the commercial operations and pilots of this magnificent state. When asked why the production company decided to invest such an enormous amount of time, energy and financial risk, the film’s executive producer, Jim Oltersdorf replied; “There were three very distinct reasons why we made that decision. First, the motivation was quite apparent from the public’s reaction to the first documentary released,

“Alaska’s Bush Pilots…The Real Deal”. It sold out worldwide in a very short time so we began to realize there was an incredible interest in not only how these men fly in the extreme and remote wilderness but also the varied kinds of the aircraft used. We carefully read each and every e-mail and letter we received and used that communication as a focus of our direction for this exciting show. Pilots from around the world asked that if we ever produced another documentary, that we incorporate educating the viewers about the latest technologies & equipment so they could gain an understanding of the assets available. Most importantly, it is presented by the pilots who fly these machines that have a complete understanding of it.”