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This CD contains complete reprints of every technical article, builder assist article, flying techniques article, products evaluations, and safety and maintenance related article ever printed by Van and the staff of Vans Aircraft from the years 1980 through 2007.

Each is accurately reproduced (with photos & drawings) and organized in sequence as you build, test, and fly your RV. It is everything written on the tail sections, then the wings, fuselage, finishing, engine installation, panel, props, etc. There is a chapter on all those neat tools, safety & maintenance concerns, engine and prop selection, performance & CG issues, and on basic & sport flying techniques.

The RV-ator includes in-depth articles written by Van, and Van's technical staff explaining how and why the aircraft goes together and works as it does. Use it as an approved adendum to the Construction Manual, or if you have yet to begin to build, use it as the best method to "get your head into the game" and learn what it is really all about to build and fly the finest kit airplane ever offerred.

Nothing is left out. If it was in the RV-ator, it's in here. Easy to use and at your fingertips. No more searching through stacks of torn up newsletters. Get yours today!

Book, CD, and e-Book - Its your choice! The new edition of this book is almost 500 pages long. That's a lot of information. And although we tried hard to place every article in the most logical place, sometimes that choice might not be the most obvious for all. For example, where would we put an article about exhaust system cracking? In the engine/exhaust system chapter where Van describes the correct way to mount it; in the Operations or Safety chapters advising it as a pre-flight or maintenance item; or in an Options chapter where different types of exhaust systems could be evaluated. On CD or e-Book, just type exhaust in the search engine, and every article on the subject will be right in front of your eyes. This is a tremendous convenience which becomes better and better as the book becomes bigger and bigger.