Aerospace Std - O Ring Fluorocarbon | AS3208-08

Aerospace Standard


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Aerospace Std - O Ring Fluorocarbon | AS3208-08

What's the big deal, right? They're just O-rings. If you're a seasoned pilot or mechanic, you'll know there's no such thing as "just an O-ring." These are critical components of your plane's fuel system, if you want to fly safe and strong. These Aerospace Standard AS3208-08 O-rings are made of fluorocarbon rubber (also known as Viton), which provides excellent fuel and heat resistance. It's perfect for aircraft use, and this O-ring conforms to specification AMS 7276. It also has a 75-durometer hardness.

Measurements of this AS3208-08 O-ring include an outside diameter of .818 inches, inside diameter of .63 inches and a width of .07 inches. We have them at a low price, so feel free to stock up. If this isn't the size you need, we have a wide selection of these AS3208 Series O-rings available.