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Flight Jacket Microfiber Detailing Cloths make cleaning your aircraft easy, inside and out. Revolutionary wedge-like fiber strands trap and remove dirt particles while protecting the surface of the aircraft from scratching.The polyester and nylon fiber strands are shrunk and processed to 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. The weave properties of the cloth allow you to continuously clean, with spreading dirt and grease to other areas. The tight weave makes the cloth safe to use on plexicoat windscreens -- it won't streak or scratch the glass.The quick-drying cloths are also great for interior cleaning and conditioning, right down to the glass screens of your instruments.The multi-dimensionally knit fabric won't unweave or wear out, but due to the quantity of dirt lifted and trapped, they should be frequently machine washed. The cloths will withstand several hundred washings at temperatures up to 140F using standard laundry detergents.The package includes two 16 x 16 cloths.