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FB1000 OPQ

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Advanced Pilot Products

Advanced Pilot Products- Flexi-Lock Checklist Ring | FB1000

  • Ultra-Durable: Stainless steel locking mechanism with heavy-duty monofilament ring ensures a lifetime of use in all environments.
  • Flexible: The flexible design of these checklist rings allows checklists to fit better in tight spaces and accommodates thick checklists.
  • Versatile: Use these rings to secure various items, such as checklists, technical orders, inflight guides, keys, and more.

These classic, combat-tested Checklist Rings have been in widespread use throughout the military for many years and are the checklist ring used by the US Air Force. Designed to accommodate standard-size checklists, the Advanced Pilot Products Checklist Rings are 1.75 inches when locked and feature a stainless steel locking mechanism. The ring is constructed from heavy-duty monofilament plastic, ensuring years of trouble-free use in the toughest operational environments. Available in opaque, black, red, and blue. Made in the USA

Durable. Unbreakable. Multi-Purpose. Safe. These rings aren't just for checklists anymore! Opaque nylon ring holds your checklists and in-flight guides. Or use them for outdoor use where metal rings would rust or wear out. The days of the metal ring are over.