3M - SR Cutter No.3 - .40'' Dia | 048011-30096



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Faster, safer, more effective seam sealant removal. The 3M™ SR Cutter is a plastic rotary cutting tool with an integral metal mandrel, available in diameters of .40 inch and .83 inch. The cutter runs at low speed (850 RPM) on right-angle drills to remove thick polysulfide and polythioether sealants with minimal effect to the underlying paint, primer, alodine or metal. Use together with the 3M™ SR Radial Bristle disc to clean up all remaining sealant.


  • Removal of sealants from faying surfaces on inspection
  • Removal of sealants from access panels on aircraft fuselage and wings
  • Removal of sealants from aircraft skins and supporting stringers
  • Removal of sealants from internal fuel tanks
  • Removal of silicone and RTV sealants from engine cowlings and components