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3M™ AC350B1/4 class B non-sag aerospace sealant comes in two parts which includes part-A catalyst and part-B base. The liquid part-A catalyst is brown in color, while the paste part-B base is off-white in color. With greater than or equal to 200 degrees F flash point, the slight odored part-A catalyst has a specific gravity greater than or equal to 1.58 and VOC contents of 3 grams per liter. With greater than 230 degrees F flash point, the sulfurous odored part-B base has a specific gravity of 1.35 and VOC contents of 2.9 grams per liter. This sealant is supplied in a 3.5-ounce container and can be mixed in a 100 base/12.5 catalyst ratio by weight to form a dark gray color mixture. It requires 15 minutes for application and will be sufficiently cured after 1 to 2 hours. The product withstands a temperature range of -65 to 250 degrees F.



Fast cure rate helps to meet various process demands
Efficiently maintains flexibility and bond strength on various metal, composite and coated substrates
Easy to apply using spatula, extrusion gun or injection dispenser
Provides low shrinkage results in less rework
Density of 1.58 grams per milliliter for part-A catalyst and 1.35 grams per milliliter for part-B base
Viscosity of 9000 to 12,000 poise at 77 degrees F for part-B base
Withstands a tensile strength of 250 psi



Sealant offers an excellent resistance to aviation gasoline/jet fuel and chemical/petroleum products commonly used in aircraft industry
Suitable for use on most metal substrates including aluminum, titanium, steel, stainless steel and glass



Sealing integral fuel tanks
Repairing integral fuel tanks
Sealing fuselages



AMS 3276