3M - General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, Quart (946 mL) Can | 051135-08984



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3M - General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, Quart (946 mL) Can | 051135-08984

Are you trying to remove annoying smudges and stains from your aircraft without also removing the paint? That can be a tricky proposition, especially if you don't want to spend a ton of money. Fortunately, there's 3M 051135-08984 general purpose adhesive cleaner. This 3M 08984 solvent is highly effective at removing many kinds of adhesives, overspray, silicone, tar, wax, bugs, oils and grease - all without much elbow grease. This 08984 3M cleaner has a VOC content of 6.8 pounds per gallon, with composite partial pressure of 4.81 mmHg.

Right now, you might have adhesive that has been on a painted surface or fabric for months. 3M adhesive remover (08984) can easily rid your plane of the slickest grease or oil. Got bugs? Whether it's your plane or your vehicle, they might be tough to get off, but this 3M adhesive cleaner will do the trick.

  • Won't harm most fabrics, vinyl or cured automotive paint when properly applied
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Perfect for a garage, shop or hangar
  • Available in a quart can


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