3M - Aerospace Clear BMS10-128A, Type I, Class A, Grade A Surface Pre-Treatment Pint Kit | 051141-57835



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3M - Aerospace Clear BMS10-128A, Type I, Class A, Grade A Surface Pre-Treatment Pint Kit | 051141-57835

AC-131 is a high-performance non-chromated conversion coating for applications on aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, magnesium and titanium alloys. The AC-131 conversion coating is appropriate for parts subsequently finished with epoxy-based and polyurethane-based organic coatings. It is a gradient coating that promoted enhanced adhesion as a result of the checmical interaction at the inorganic metallic interface on one side of the AC-131 coating and the organic primer on the other side. AC-131 provides an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to the high performance requirements for modern coating systems. This process is valid on alloys in the following forms: sheet, plate, foil, forging, and honeycomb core.

  • Superior adhesion of organic coatings to metal substrates.
  • Eliminates chromates from surface treatment process
  • Reduces hazardous materials and waste as compared to other conversion coating products and preparation methods.
  • No scrubbing or rinsing required
  • Versatile application methods; brush, spray, or dip applied
  • Available in kit sizes for specific applications: pints, quarts, gallons, pails and drums
  • Common surface preparation on mixed metal and non-metal substrates. Minimizes masking time
  • Process time savings over conventional conversion coating applications
  • Brightening or deoxidizing step may be eliminated