Dykem - CROSS CHECK™ Plus, Skydrol® Resistant Torque Seal



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Dykem - CROSS CHECK™ Plus, Skydrol Resistant Torque Seal

DYKEM® Cross Check Plus Skydrol®-Resistant Torque Seal® has been certified to meet the Boeing specification BMS8-45H Type I/III for a Skydrol-resistant, quick-dry tamper-proof marker. This specification requires strict adherence to key performance properties such as dry-to-touch time, full cure time, Skydrol resistance, and dielectric strength, along with other critical physical, mechanical, and flammability requirements.

As the only fast-cure torque sealant with proven resistance to Skydrol PE-5 fluid, Cross Check Plus brings unsurpassed value to aircraft assembly processes and maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations. The fluorescent colors are unique, providing enhanced visibility during an inspection. Cross Check Plus remains the only market offering with a 2-year shelf life.

  • Dries to the touch: less than a minute
  • Full cure time: 24 Hours
  • Visually detect loose nuts and bolts
  • Use on all critical fittings and locknuts during OEM and maintenance procedures.
  • Perfect for use on landing gear, rotor assemblies, gearboxes, Pal Nuts and more
  • Excellent for marking quality procedures
  • For use in any aircraft environment with possible fluid exposure
  • 2-Year shelf life
  • Patent 10,934,452
  • Provides warranty protection against tampering
  • Meets Boeing Specification BMS8-45H, Type I/III
  • Tamper proof marking for Identification of vibratory loosening of nuts, bolts, Fasteners, and Assemblies.
  • Approved product replacement for Organic F-925 Torque Seal, Boeing Specification BMS8-45 REV H Type I/III, Embraer MEP 09-096 Rev. G, Gulfstream, GAP110S


  • Appearance / Physical State Liquid
  • Odor mild
  • Flash Point 23.0 °F (-5.0 °C) Tag Closed Cup
  • Boiling Point / Range 175 °F (79.44 °C)
  • VOC Content 38 % w/w
  • Evaporation Rate > 1
  • Vapor Density > 1
  • Prop 65 Warning YES