Thermoid - Red Steel Wire Reinforced Air Duct | SCEET10



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Thermoid - Red Steel Wire Reinforced Air Duct | SCEET10

Although "SCEET" may sound like some kind of saxophone noise coming from a jazz band, or a piece of clay someone shoots out of the air, for our purposes here, it's actually a heavy duty red steel wire reinforced air duct. Yes, that's right - it's a hose. But not just any hose, mind you. This SCEET aviation ducting manufactured by HBD Thermoid® solves the problem of your airflow requirements. They're a leader in aircraft ducting, so you can count on the reliability and high performance of these SCEET hoses for your aircraft ducting repair.

  • Composed of fiberglass fabrics and silicone or neoprene rubber compounds
  • Wire-supported ducting
  • Flame resistant
  • Withstands a wide temperature range
  • Flexible, sturdy and reliable
  • Can be installed around sharp bends to avoid obstructions
  • Can withstand noxious fumes
  • Sold in 5-foot or 11-foot lengths, in various diameters from .5 to 6 inches

Proper aircraft ducting is essential, and it can be quite challenging, especially when undertaking a new project for your plane. Make sure you choose the right product, or you'll be having to make repairs or do a replacement soon. Don't let that happen! Choose premium SCEET ducting today to carry air through the proper channels in your aircraft.