Sulflo - Plastilube No. 3 High-Temperature Grease - 14oz

Sulflo Inc.


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Sulflo Plastilube No. 3 High-Temperature Grease - 14 oz Cartridge

SULFLO cutting oils exclusive patented formula successfully suspends active particles of sulphur in concentrations up to 30%. Most sulphurized cutting oils are a "solution" of sulphur and oil. In solution, sulphur content is limited to approximately 3%. ONLY THE SULFLO SUSPENSION process allows up to 10 TIMES MORE SULPHUR TO BE SUSPENDED!

  • ECONOMICAL Can tolerate heavy dilution with current metal working oil and still give superior E.P. performance.
  • EXTENDS TOOL LIFE By giving excellent high temperature lubricant film protection, at the chip tool interface which tends to greatly reduce tool wear.
  • REDUCES POWER CONSUMPTION Allowing more difficult jobs to be run more easily and quickly.
  • IMPROVES SURFACE FINISH By virtue of polar compound activity these products yield much improved surface finishes.

In addition to metal working lubricants and specialties Sulflo manufactures a complete line of lubricating products.