Sesame Technologies - KPC3 Series Kevlar Pitot Probe Cover | KPC3-740-3

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Constructed from soft pliable Kevlar, STI's patented Kevlar Pitot covers offer a metal free, high temperature, abrasion resistant, water repellent solution to protect your aircraft's Pitot probes from debris, water, insects, and damage.

STI's Kevlar Pitot covers will keep rain and wash water out of the probes while allowing any moisture or condensation to evaporate out of the Pitot system.  A probe size specific, internal, high temperature silicone gland seal ensures a proper fit and allows us to customize our covers to your needs.  Our covers are resistant to chemicals, and will not trap any heat (create an oven effect), or melt if accidentally left on a hot probe.  With a working temperature of 800° F, these covers will not leave any residue or damage the Pitot probe in any way.
Sesame Technologies Inc. Kevlar Pitot covers are available in four different series, depending on your needs.

KPC3 Pitot Probe Cover is made to fit all commercial, military and business aircraft. The Patented design boasts a tough-as-nails, red Kevlar® construction with the following features:                           

  • A working temperature to 800°F
  • Flame-retardant (does not melt)
  • Chemical resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Weather tolerant          
  • Low particulate             
  • Cover is metal free                
  • Water repellent             
  • Its soft flexibility ensures a tight fit without scratching the Pitot Probe            
  • Assembled with a warning streamer and part number identification      
  • 1420 denier 7/32" orange flat Kevlar® braid installation loop, pull off loop, and flag attachment 

STI - KPC3 Series Kevlar Pitot Probe Cover | KPC3-740-3 Aircraft Application:

  • Boeing B717
  • Boeing MD80
  • Boeing MD83
  • Boeing MD90
  • Boeing DC9
  • Gulfstream GII
  • Gulfstream GIII
  • Gulfstream GIV
  • Gulfstream G300
  • Gulfstream G400