Plane Sights - Light Sport Pitot Plug Kit | PSLSPTP0608

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Plane Sights - Light Sport Pitot Plug Kit | PSLSPTP0608

Forgetting to remove a faded, dull and worn out pitot cover, or having the cover blow off can jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers. The Plane Sights extremely conspicuous and very durable Light Sport/Homebuilt Pitot Plug Kit provides a perfect fit for many homebuilt pitot tubes and light sport pitot tubes. 
The kit includes several vented plugs so it even works with double-tube systems and is guaranteed not to pressurize your pitot static system. The blazing yellow color of the included foot-long, ANSI-compliant and weather-resistant reflective remove-before-flight streamer stands out equally well in daylight or darkness under all weather conditions, so it can’t be missed. The kit comes complete with three different-sized pitot tube plugs, our unique streamer, and two rust-resistant coated triangle rings.