Dykem - High Purity 44 Medium Tip Paint Markers



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Dykem - High Purity 44 Medium Tip Paint Markers

DYKEM® High Purity markers are your answer for marking on stainless steel or any surface where degradation, contamination, or other adverse effects are a concern. The formulas contain trace amounts of halogens, low melting metals, and are low in chlorides. The precise formulations meet or exceed the specifications for GE Nuclear Energy, GE Aircraft Engines, and the US Energy Research and Development Administration (nuclear grade).

High Purity 44: Designed with a valve action mechanism that allows the marker tip to be re-inked, even when the cap is left off. The marker barrel is threaded so it can be secured in a jig or apparatus for continuous marking applications. The unique cap design features a clip that prevents the marker from rolling and can easily be secured to a clipboard or in your pocket.

Ideal for welding, aircraft industries, marine industries, power plants, automotive plants, and oil and natural gas refineries. Paint will not contaminate or adversely affect the surface being marked.

  • A permanent, valve-action mechanism prevents paint in barrel from drying when cap is left off
  • Drying time: 45 seconds - 1 minute


  • Appearance / Physical State Liquid.
  • Odor various
  • Flash Point 89.0 - 108.0 °F (31.7 - 42.2 °C)
  • Boiling Point / Range 248 - 338 °F (120 - 170 °C)
  • VOC Content 71.9%, 669 g/L
  • Evaporation Rate < 1 (BuAc = 1)
  • Vapor Density > 1 (air = 1)
  • Prop 65 Warning YES