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Today's smartphone is one of the most effective video-capture devices available, with unprecedented video quality and ease of use. Apps such as Twitter's Periscope or Facebook Live make it possible to live-stream your flight from the cockpit. With the addition of our kit, it is possible to record and live-stream cockpit audio and ATC as well.

Our newly improved Nflightcam Smartphone Kit allows for smartphone mounting, propeller filtering, cockpit audio recording, and bluetooth remote control for hands-free operation of your smartphone.

This kit includes:
Nflightcam Smartphone Propeller Filter and Adapter
Nflightcam Smartphone Audio Cable
Nflightcam Smartphone Cradle
Nflightcam Suction Cup
Nflightcam Smartphone Selfie Stick
Nflightcam Smartphone Bluetooth Remote Control

Compatible with all smartphones with a 3.5mm audio jack

*Smartphone not included

1. Audio Cable Setup - Plug the 1/4" male plug on the cable into the 1/4" female jack in the aircraft. Plug the 1/4" male headset plug into the 1/4" female jack on the cable. Plug the 3.5mm plug into the 3.5mm headset jack on your smartphone.
Please note: Headsets with LEMO or powered single-plug configurations almost always have standard headset plugs as well. The audio cable can be plugged into any active headset jack; it does not have to be plugged into a headset that is in use. There is no need to purchase a cable with LEMO plugs if you have standard plugs as well.
2. Propeller Filter Setup - Clip the filter over your smartphone camera lens and check image to ensure the edges of the filter are not in the image. The propeller filter is optimized to remove the propeller in 90% of the conditions encountered on a typical VFR flight. Performance will decrease when pointed directly into the sun.
3. Mounting - Place your smartphone in the provided cradle and secure with the rubber band if turbulence is expected. If a suction cup mount is desired, attach the supplied suction cup to a clean, flat, smooth surface in the cockpit and then aim the phone. If you prefer to use the selfie stick, attach the cradle to the end of the selfie-stick. NEVER use the selfie stick to hold your phone or camera outside the window of an aircraft with the engine running.
4. Remote Control - Ensure the remote is fully charged using the supplied micro-USB cable and any USB wall or car charger. Depress the shutter button for 3 seconds or until it begins to flash red. Next, open your smartphone's bluetooth-pairing application and select "NShooter." Your phone is now paired to the remote, and pushing the shutter button on the remote will have the same effect as tapping the shutter button in the camera/video app on your smartphone.