National Aerospace Std - Steel Bolt, Shear | NAS464P4-12

National Aerospace Standard


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National Aerospace Std - Steel Bolt, Shear | NAS464P4-12

  •  Thread Class:  3A
  •  Thread Direction:  Right-Hand
  •  Thread Length:  0.327 Inches Minimum And 0.374 Inches Maximum
  •  Fastener Length:  1.078 Inches Minimum And 1.125 Inches Maximum
  •  Head Style:  Hexagon
  •  Head Height:  0.109 Inches Minimum And 0.141 Inches Maximum
  •  Width Between Flats:  0.428 Inches Minimum And 0.440 Inches Maximum
  •  Grip Diameter:  0.2483 Inches Minimum And 0.2492 Inches Maximum
  •  Shank Unthreaded Hole Diameter:  0.076 Inches Nominal First Hole
  •  Single Shear Strength:  4650 Pounds Per Square Inch
  •  Nominal Thread Diameter:  0.250 Inches
  •  Grip Length:  0.750 Inches Nominal
  •  Thread Quantity Per Inch:  28
  •  Minimum Tensile Strength:  160000 Pounds Per Square Inch
  •  Hardness Rating:  36.0 Rockwell C Minimum Overall And 40.0 Rockwell C Maximum Overall
  •  Distance From Head Largest Bearing Surface To Shank Hole Center:  0.921 Inches Minimum First Hole And 0.954 Inches Maximum First Hole
  •  Material:  Steel Comp 4140 Overall Or Steel Comp E4340 Overall Or Steel Comp 6150 Overall Or Steel Comp 8735 Overall Or Steel Comp 8740 Overall
  •  Material Document And Classification:  Mil-S-5626 Mil Spec 1St Material Response Overall Or Mil-S-5000 Mil Spec 2Nd Material Response Overall Or Mil-S-8503 Mil Spec 3Rd Material Response Overall Or Mil-S-6098 Mil Spec 4Th Material Response Overall Or Mil-S-6049 Mil Spec 5Th Material Responseoverall
  •  Surface Treatment:  Cadmium Overall And Chromate Overall
  •  Surface Treatment Document And Classification:  Qq-P-416 Ty 2 Cl 3 Fed Spec Single Treatment Response Overall
  •  Thread Series Designator:  Unf
  •  Specification/Standard Data:  80205-NAS464 Professional/Industrial Association Standard