L W Spiro - Large Windsock Sock Only | ALWS125

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L W Spiro - Large Windsock Sock Only | ALWS125

L. W. Spiro’s FAA #1 calibrated windsocks are manufactured to the FAA’s specifications outlined in AC 150/5345-27E. Measuring 18” X 96”, this large airport windsock is designed to be fully extended at wind speeds of 15 knots (17 mph) or greater.

The vinyl coated brilliant orange material is highly durable and fade resistant under extreme weather conditions. All seams are double stitched and three layers of material are sewn on the grommeted collar to ensure strength and lasting durability. <{> The Windsock features 12 large 3/8" nickel plated grommets around the opening and it securely attaches to any standard windsock frame by using the 120 pound tensil strength cable ties that are included in the package. These UV resistent heavy duty cable ties ensure a secure and snug fit that will stand up to extreme weather conditions.