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It’s the lightest and most comfortable view-limiting device made weighing only 1oz.

Two different versions for best results:

  • With Nose Piece attached and is for adults and older children (10+) who DO NOT wear eyeglasses. The np can interfere with eyeglass frames so we make it available, as shown below, without the nose piece attached. The below version is also best for adults who wear glasses and children under 10.
  • Without Nose Piece attached and is for adults who DO wear eyeglasses, as the np can interfere with eyeglass frames. ViBAN fits over smaller glasses, resting on top of the frame. It does not generally fit over larger glasses. This is also the best version for children under 10 with or without glasses, as it can be easily secured in place with the cord. The np is included for super gluing on later if/when desired
  • It won’t scratch like polycarbonate lens types, so you can avoid the frustration of looking through cloudy/scratched lenses.
  • Reduces eye strain because it black. Black is better than white, yellow, or frosted polycarbonate lenses, which strain the eyes.
  • It won’t produce a blinding effect when flying into the sun-like lens types.
  • It compactly folds to fit in the semi-hard case included, which has a handy belt clip used to keep it close at hand during training.

ViBAN is a true advance in IFR training. Its design is revolutionary and comfort unmatched. It is the lightest, most comfortable view-limiting device/ IFR hood available. It won't fog up while wearing a mask.

The view-limiting device / IFR Hood is the most utilized piece of equipment during IFR training, so comfort and performance are necessary. As pressures mount from performing difficult tasks in ever-changing light conditions, you will stay focused with ViBAN. It won't dig into your nose, temples, and ears like clunky hoods and safety glass types. Its ultra-lightweight, one-ounce design is an important feature that makes ViBAN hardly noticeable while deeply immersed in training.

ViBAN is black for a reason. Black is a neutral color and soothing when close to the eye. It won't irritate the eyes as white, yellow, or frosted products do. They made it foldable to fit compactly in its case, saving precious space in the cockpit. The semi-hard case has a belt loop to be at your side for easy access during training. Get yours here today and receive free U.S. shipping along with the case and cord at no extra charge.

ViBAN will not scratch, break or produce a blinding effect when flying into the sun like other devices. And you won't need sunglasses because ViBAN blocks out bright sunlight. Made from a super lightweight, highly durable polymer, ViBAN will deliver the performance and quality you expect.

ViBan is not just for Pilots!

Motion sickness can turn a simple car ride into an unpleasant journey. You are stuck staring out the window instead of enjoying a good book or using your mobile device. ViBAN eyewear changes all that by offering the only solution that prevents motion sickness before it strikes. ViBAN removes the view of irritating motion outside the vehicle, the key cause of motion sickness. With ViBAN, you can catch up on email, read a book or map, view a movie, or text a friend while you ride. Order your ViBAN here today and say goodbye to car sickness.

How It Works: ViBAN blocks the ability to see motion outside the moving vehicle, the key cause of motion sickness, also known as car sickness. When motion is removed, there's no queasiness! It's that simple!

While wearing ViBAN, you see what you are holding in your hands or what is in your lap, but you will not see the sickening visual cues outside the vehicle. So there's no need to take drugs that make you drowsy or buy other products that don't work. With ViBAN, you can read a book or map, play games, socialize with friends or watch a video while traveling. Buy with confidence, knowing ViBAN is the only motion sickness product guaranteed to work.