HBD Thermoid - Black 5" Reinforced CEET Ducting, Sold per Foot | CEET20

HBD Thermoid


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HBD Thermoid - Reinforced Neoprene Rubber Ducting, Sold by Foot | CEET20 Black 5

CEET Ducting is recommended for use in hot or cold air applications.  It is used for conveying fumes.  The internal fabric liner allows air to flow smoothly even when navigating tight bends. CEET is not recomended for conveying liquids or abrasive material.  Additionally, CEET is not to be used for negative pressure appliactions. 

Priced and sold by the foot
Maximum length: 10 feet
Plain cut ends only


  • 5 inch inside diameter
  • -65° to +350°
  • Support: Copper coated or bronze plated, spring steel wire helix
  • Cover: 2-ply fiberglass fabric impregnated and coated with black neoprene rubber
  • Cord: Fiberglass cord impregnated with neoprene rubber