H.B. Fuller - Potting Compound | EY3010-60ZKT

H.B. Fuller


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H.B. Fuller - Potting Compound | EY3010-60ZKT

  • Two part, thixotropic epoxy compounds designed for use with Shur-Lok fasteners to achieve high strength and dependable bondedinserts in honeycomb panels.
  • The handling properties of these products are similar. However, EY-3009 A/B is designed for maximum strength vs. EY-3010 A/B which is designed for lowest weight. EY-3010 A/B is available within NASA limits for low Volatile content required for space application. See next page for technical details.
  • Available in 2 1/2 and 6 oz. pre-measured mix-kits, (previously sold as Dalco mix-kits), for easy, clean application, with little waste and no skin contact. A nozzle with proper orifice for use with Shur-Lok, Shur-Tab is included.
  • EY-3009 A/B is qualified to E Systems TPS 2-502, Type 3. EY3010 A/B is qualified to LAC 30-8036A.

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: All products are formulated to be extruded using an air powered applicator gun using approximately 25 PSI air pressure with EY-3009 A/B and 70 PSI with EY-3010 A/B.