FuelHawk 16" Universal XL Fuel Gauge | UNIV-16



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 FuelHawk 16" Universal XL Fuel Gauge | M JAR 200

J-Air XL Aircraft Fuel Guage, 16" Universal.
Can be calibrated for use in any aircraft. Works just like the 11" and 26" Universal gauges. It is 16" long for use in deeper wing and tip tanks. Comes complete with graph and calibration card.

Made of heavy, clear plastic and easy to use. Simply insert "Fuel Hawk" until it touches the bottom of the tank. Then place your finger firmly over the top of the opening to lock fuel in the tube. Remove and instantly see a readout in U.S. gallons of usable fuel on a calibrated scale card. (For use in both main and auxiliary tanks.)

This fuel guage is ideal for when the pilot must take a less-than-full fuel load due to weight considerations or measuring how much is really in the tank.

Made In USA