Flying Eyes Optics

Flying Eyes was founded and engineered BY pilots FOR pilots.

As headset technology improved (we're looking at you, Bose), the ear cups on those headsets got tighter and tighter to reduce noise passively. As those cups got tighter, pilots and other headset-wearers began noticing that the rigid frames of their sunglasses were doing two pretty unfortunate things:
  1. Pressure from the clamping springs on the headset created to leverage on those rigid temples, causing pain and discomfort for people who can't risk flying without UV protection for their eyes. (All of our lenses have 100% UV protection without using polarization - though you can choose polarized if you'd like.)
  2. The gap formed between the headset ear cup and the wearer's head by the frames allowed noise leaks that ruined the purpose of the tightly-fighting cups.
The founder of Flying Eyes tried many sunglasses to find comfortable, effective at reducing noise leaks and protected his eyes. Why was that so difficult?? He figured if it didn't exist, he could make it exist, and - voila! - Flying Eyes Optics was born.
Flying Eyes Optics
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