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Eveready Battery


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Energizer EN92 Industrial AAA Batteries 

Remarkably Long-Lasting

Reliability is the name of the game for these Energizer EN92 Industrial AAA Batteries. These impressive 1.5V batteries are capable of powering high-powered devices such as flashlights and digital cameras as well as lasting in low-drain devices like remote controls and digital clocks. Their Zinc Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2 chemistry is both stable, able to function in a wide range of temperatures, and long-lasting, with an impressive shelf life of up to 7 years. 


  • Perfect for use in household and professional electronics alike
  • Smaller boxes of 4 individual cells make storage and carry easier
  • No added mercury or cadmium for safer usage


  • Battery Size: AAA
  • Battery Chemistry: Alkaline (Zinc-Manganese Dioxide)
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°F to 130°F (-18°C to 55°C)
  • Shelf Life: 7 Years at 21°C (80% of initial capacity)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 1.75" (44.5 mm)
    • Diameter - 0.41" (10.5 mm)
  • Weight: 0.41 oz. (11.5 g)
  • UPC: 00039800019202