Tempest Oil Filter Can Cutter - AA470



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Tempest Oil Filter Can Cutter - AA470
The AA470 Tempest Oil Filter Can Cutter is a universal cutter that fits all general aviation oil filters. It is light, durable and simple to attach.  Made by Aero Accessories, Tempest parts are high quality and long lasting. Aero is a FAA-certified manufacturer that takes pride in developing and building top-quality aircraft parts.

  • Constructed from high-quality aircraft aluminum
  • Fits all aircraft spin-on oil filters and fits male filters
  • Adapter pin removes easily


Used for cutting open Champion spin-on oil filters so that the filter media can be inspected for contamination. Interchangeable with Champion & Kell-Strom CT470, Ideal CT923, BB Products FC-2000, and Airwolf AFC-470 can cutters. This unit can be used on the Champion RBC308 Filters used on Rotax 912 and 914 engines.