Royco 756 Hydraulic Strut Wipes

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Strutwipes are an excellent choice for cleaning chrome piston cylinders and struts. The wipe is pre-saturated with top-of-the-line hydraulic fluid: MIL-PRF-5606. Protect your personnel from hazardous hydraulic fluid until use with our three-layer lamination foil packaging that eliminates vapor exposure emitted by hydraulic fluid. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when working with any hazardous material. Note: For longer shelf life, we manufacture your wipes the day after your order is placed.

These hydraulic pre-saturated wipes are lint and static-free, made of 100% cotton cloth woven and finished without starch, binders, or any foreign substances. The cloth finish gives this wipe a softer and better dirt-trapping capacity. This wipe is pre-soaked with hydraulic fluid MIL-PRF-5606 and has incredible retention to minimize fluid drip.