Artex ME-406 ELT with Whip Antenna (110-773) 455-6605

Artex - Cobham Beacon Sollutions


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The Artex ME-406 is a single output ELT. Two emergency frequencies (121.5 and 406.028 MHz) utilize the same RF output, which requires only one coax cable to connect to the new series of Artex single input antennas.The ELT automatically activates during a crash and transmits the standard swept tone on 121.5 MHz.Every 50 seconds for 440 milliseconds the 406 MHz transmitter turns on and transmits an encoded digital message to the Cospas/Sarsat satellite system.The mounting hardware for the ME-406 Series is compatible with all previous models of Artex 406 MHz, as well as theELT200 Series, ACK, Pointer Model 3000 ELT and Narco ELT’s. Current owners of Artex 2-frequency ELT can re-use the remote switch in the cockpit as well as the wiring harness from the cockpit to the ELT thus greatly reducing installation costs.