Red Canoe - Merino Wool Tartan Ontario Scarf | U-SCV-ON-01

Red Canoe


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Red Canoe - Merino Wool Tartan Ontario Scarf | U-SCV-ON-01ΓÇïΓÇï

National Heritage Brands 100% Merino Wool Tartan Scarves are proudly woven and manufactured in Canada. Each province in Canada has its own unique tartan that is a classic statement of our proud heritage.

Ontario got its name from the Iroquois word, “Kanadario” meaning, “sparkling water.” One sixth of the province is covered by pure, freshwater lakes and rivers – 177 390 km2! This is the most populated province in Canada with over 10 million people. Ontario’s capital Toronto is the largest city in Canada and a major industrial center. The Nation’s Capital Ottawa is also in Ontario. The further North one travels, the cleaner the lakes, more abundant the wildlife and fewer the people. Just watch out for moose on the road!

Size: 58″ x 12″

Made in Canada.