Andrew Luke - VOR Training Aid | M LUK 005

Andrew Luke

M LUK 005

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The VOR training Aid includes a rotating OBS and a heading indicator dial. Both the glide scope and localizer CDI needles are moveable and have an adjustable ON/OFF, NAV flag.

The TO/FROM indicator is also adjustable. List, depict and erase VOR intercept instructions and holding clearances in the top practice area.

Essential for all instructors and student pilots. This training aids is an exceptional hands-on tools for navigation training.

Learn and practice the principals of VOR and NDB navigation with ease. Instructors can effectively teach and discuss navigation with clear, realistic, high-quality visual aids.

Each Training Aid includes full size, full function indicators and dials constructed of quality laminated materials.

The top practice area provides an excellent space for listing clearances and instructions, as well as drawing holds and intercepts using an erasable grease pen or white-board marker.