Sherwin Williams - Epoxy Primer Adduct (MIL-P-23377F), Catalyst - Gallon | CM0724114GA

Sherwin Williams


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Sherwin Williams - Epoxy Primer Adduct (MIL-P-23377F), Catalyst - Gallon Can | CM0724114

CM0724400 is a high-performance, two-component, yellow Epoxy Primer possessing both outstanding flexibility and corrosion resistance. This high-performance epoxy primer is intended for use on all types of aircraft and meets MIL-P-23377F, Type I, Class I. It yields films that are very corrosion, chemical, and impact resistant.

  • Meets the performance properties of MIL-P-23377F, Type I, Class I.
  • A popular, proven product that has been applied extensively at OEMs and maintenance facilities for decades.
  • Excellent corrosion, water, and chemical resistance.
  • Designed to work with Sherwin Williams sanding surfacers and topcoat systems.