NuImage - Cleaner & Debugger for Polished Metal

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Cleaner & Debugger for Polished Metal

For cleaning stubborn bug residue, perfect for touch-ups in between polishing

NUIMAGE cleans and debugs after metal compounding procedures on exterior aircraft leading edges, window trims, etc. NUIMAGE can also be used on recreational vehicle components such as grills, bumper guards, bug shields, etc., without the fogging of normal cleaners or waxes. Use NUIMAGE for the final cleanup of black polish residue on metal or paint, and remove excess polish after power buffing.

  • Debugs and cleans without fogging
  • Imparts a chemical barrier against soil redisposition
  • Effective to use for quick clean and shine maintenance
  • Conforms to Airframe OEM standards and specifications


Bugs are unavoidable, especially at lower altitudes. The messy splatter they make during takeoff and landing sticks to the surface throughout the flight. The more insect residue collected, the more irregular the surface becomes. The more irregular the surface, the less smooth the flying, and choppy flying means lower fuel efficiency and, quite possibly, disastrous safety issues. That’s why it’s critical to have products specifically engineered to dissolve caked-on bugs!

On polished metal surfaces, count on NuImage Cleaner & Debugger. Dried-on bugs are liquefied and removed with a cotton or flannel cloth.  Count on Nuimage for cleaning stubborn bug residue, perfect for Touch-ups in between polishing.

NuImage Testing and Approvals

  • D6-17487

NuImage Procedures:


  1. Pour a small amount of NuImage onto a flannel polishing cloth.
  2. Apply to the surface, wiping on gently to avoid scratching from surface soils & dust.
  3. Gently spread the material over the target polish area.
  4. Rub until NuImage is removed.
  5. A slight haze will remain, and allow it to dry.
  6. After the haze has dried completely, polish away to a bright shine with a clean cotton flannel polishing cloth.


  1. Wet bug spot with NuImage.
  2. Spread material on the area around the bugs while NuImage soaks bug material.
  3. After a few seconds, rub away the bug residue.
  4. Keep any remaining bug residue wet & soaking.
  5. Remove with gentle rubbing.
  6. Repeat until the bug spot is disappeared.

*Product dilutions are determined by extent, condition & soil type.