3M - Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge, 4.5"x5.5" , MED | 27888



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With the 3M Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge, you’ll feel the difference immediately! Featuring an innovative grip and improved flexibility, this sponge makes sanding curves, contours, corners, and hard to reach areas faster and easier. Engineered to be highly durable, it is ideal for a wide range of surfaces including wood, paint, metal, and plastic. Designed for both dry and wet sanding, this sponge can be rinsed and reused, making this sponge a wise choice in helping reduce waste.

Innovative Foam Construction
Highly flexible
Through optimization of our industry leading foam processing and world class abrasive coatings, we created a durable sanding product that delivers an excellent finish, superior conformability and high resiliency.

Outstanding Grip

A better grip translates to better sanding results
The 3M Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge helps minimize slipping and the amount of hand pressure required) through our comfort
grip backing. Our 3M micro-replication technology provides the optimal texture for hand comfort and control.

Durable Abrasive
Ideal for sanding a variety of surfaces
3M is known for its superior innovations in abrasive coatings. The 3M Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge utilizes premium aluminum oxide for excellent cut and life. Our ultra flat surface foam process allows for superior bonding of the abrasive layer to optimize an excellent sanding finish.

3M - Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge, 4.5"x5.5" , MED | 27888 Product Specifications:

  • UOM: Pad
  • Size: 4.5"x5.5"x.18"
  • Grade: MED 120-180
  • Manufacturer's P/N : 60440232357    
  • UPC : 00051141278889