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Airline Refreshment Towels

You may be wondering how and why airline refreshment towels were developed. Airlines started using airline refreshment towels for several reasons, but one of the most important was to save water. In economy class, airline refreshment towels have been shown to reduce the number of paper towels used from an average of 27 per flight to 9.12.

In 2008, a survey showed that airline passengers preferred airline refreshment towels to paper towels in airplanes worldwide. The airline industry was also pressured to turn towards less wasteful airline refreshment towel practices.

One airline stated that airline refreshment towels were more hygienic than paper towels as well as saving water. Airlines provide airline refreshment towels in first and business-class sections due to their higher cost compared to paper towels; airline refreshment towels can be used many times while a paper towel is used once and thrown away.

In addition to saving water and paper products, the transition to cotton refreshment towels offered a first-class experience to VIP passengers.

Airline refreshment towels have undergone many changes through the years.

Celeste Airline Refreshment Towel

Traditionally, airline refreshment towels were packaged in trays and then moistened and heated by utilizing hot water. Some aircraft operators used towel warmers or the onboard conventional oven to heat these towels. However, many aircraft convection ovens have since been updated to microwaves. Because these warmers had been discontinued, and the desire to be more hygienic, consumers were seeking a single packaged towel that may be used in either a warmer or a microwave.

Although Pilot's HQ still distributes the traditional refreshment towel trays, consumer demand prompted us to start distributing the White Towel Service's Pre-moistened 100% Cotton, Individually Wrapped, Refreshment Towels. 

Since then, we have sold thousands of towels and learned a lot about the refreshment towel business and the challenges that accompanied the new single packaged towels.

  • Single-Use Cotton Hot / Cold Refreshment Towels are not just used for the aviation and airline industries. These pre-moistened towels are also popular with dental offices, hotels, hair salons, spas, yoga studios, golf courses, high-end restaurants, event venues, and much more.
  • Customers prefer scented premoistened towels, with the most popular scents being lemon and lavender.
  • Customers prefer the 8" and 9" sizes over the larger sizes but are generally unhappy with the thickness and softness of the almost transparent cotton towel.
  • The White Towel brand towels expire after only a single year leading to the product's expiration on the shelf. Large in part, due to the fact that the moisture escapes the packaging after time, leading to customers receiving dry towels even before the use-by date.

The New and Improved Asheva - Cotton Hot / Cold Refreshment Towels

This valuable customer feedback, paired with the vendor's increasingly restrictive distribution policies, prompted us to seek a manufacturing partner that would ensure the satisfaction of our customers and provide as a long-term supplier.

We found this partner with GBM (GoBioMed Inc.), a provider of medical-grade supplies that focuses a segment of their business on dental offices and spas. 

With our feedback GoBioMed Inc. has developed the Asheva - Cotton Hot / Cold Refreshment Towel. 

They have made the following changes to the product to ensure the ultimate in customer satisfaction:

  • Increased the size of the towel to 8" x 9 " to ensure the same storage requirements and allow for a thicker and softer towel construction.
  • Increased the towel weight to 8g to ensure a higher thread count, and softer material that is more absorbent.
  • Infused the towels with natural essential oils of either lemon or lavender.
  • Improved the packaging to reduce the escape of moisture, ensuring an adequately moist towel.
  • Ensured that the packaging is still easy to open.

All of this with the #1 goal in mind :

No More Dried Out Towels!

Don't take our word for it. We challenge you to compare Asheva today.

Asheva vs White Towel Comparison