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Posted by Carl Helka on

Since starting Pilots HQ in early 2009, we had never sent or utilized email newsletters.  I am personally signed up for a multitude of newsletters, including those that are supplied by both our vendors as well as our competitors.  I know first hand how frustrating it is to receive hundreds on news letters everyday with less than 5% being relevant to who I am or what I want or need as a consumer.

Today our newsletter subscribers has amounted to over 100,000 with diverse blend of people ranging from the everyday consumers to corporate and government buyers and covering not only Aviation but a multitude of other industries including; Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare, Military, Hospitality and more...

This diversity has made it difficult for us so send newsletters that contain value adding content to our customers.  Considering I did not want my company to be classified as one of those "annoying" retailers sending blind weekly newsletters, we have refrained from email marketing, However, with the introduction of the Covid-19 Pandemic and our unique ability to purchase products, Pilots HQ was able to obtain valuable products such as PPE and disinfectants that were an interest to our entire customer base.  In April, Pilots HQ launched its first successful email campaign, distributing product to help slow the spread.  

In March 2020, just prior to the Covid-19 shutdown, Pilots HQ upgraded its web platform.  This new platform is allowing use to create even more value adding content, including repair manuals, product guides and more.

The ultimate goal starting in July and ongoing into the future, is to provide valuable information and content to our user base.  We are now utilizing our new system to classify customers and ensure that we are sending them only the content that they care about.  (Not dis-similar to the approach social media has taken)  

Additionally,  every email sent to our user base will provide visibility to their classification and a link to surveys that will allow us to ensure that the user has the ability to reclassify themselves accordingly.

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To all, I want to extend my gratitude for helping make Pilots HQ a grand success and I hope that we have the pleasure of serving you in the future.

Thank You,

Carl Helka