Now Distributing Phillips 66 Aviation Products

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Phillips 66 Aviation Lubricants

Pilots HQ has some exciting news to share with you!

We are proud to announce that we are now a direct distributor of Phillips 66 Aviation lubricants.

Our team has always worked hard to deliver quality products at competitive prices, backed by excellent customer service. Therefore, eight months ago, we began our endeavor to create a direct relationship with Phillips 66 to better serve our customers and further expand our B2B capabilities. We are happy to announce that we were successful.

We hope that this relationship will achieve the following:

Direct Supply Access - Creating More Stock and Less Outages

No More Stock Outages

Although we have always sold the Phillips X/C line of aviation engine oils, we were purchasing from many different oil distributors, with no primary supplier. This created challenges, particularly if the oil distributor’s core business was not Aviation. Non-aviation specific oil distributors tend to lack aviation supply, offering more unrelated automotive and industrial products instead.

Now, with direct access to Phillips 66 aviation lubricants, we will be able to offer these products with ease, and with limited supply outages.


Access to the Newest and Latest Products

Phillips 66 New Products Available

Over the last two years, there has been an increase in demand for new products, such as the Victory and Anti-Rust products. However, these products were difficult to find at the non-aviation distributors, and the larger aviation suppliers were slow to stock the new products. A direct relationship with Phillips 66 will allow Pilots HQ to quickly accommodate customer requests for any new products offered by the manufacturer.


Stabilized Product Costs

Save on Phillips 66 Aviation Lubricants

Purchasing from multiple vendors has presented certain challenges. We had to buy products from whichever vendors had stock readily available, at fluctuating costs. These additional costs passed down to the customers, leaving them wondering why they were paying more one week than another. On occasion, we even found ourselves in the unfortunate position of no longer being able to offer these products at competitive prices, reducing our customer retention rate overall.

Our goal with this direct relationship is to stabilize the cost of products, and pass savings on to our customers by offering competitive pricing across all sectors of supply.

Below, you will find a link to our most popular Phillips 66 Aviation products, as well as a link to our full line of Phillips 66 Aviation lubricants.

  1. Phillips - X/C 20W50 Multi Grade Piston Aircraft Aviation Oil
  2. Phillips 66 - Victory Aviation Oil, 20W50
  3. Phillips 66 - X/C Red Spec Aviation Hydraulic Fluid | MIL-PRF-5606A
  4. Phillips 66 - Type M 20W-50 Multi Grade Mineral Piston Engine Aircraft Oil

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