3 Ways to Monetize Supplies at Your Flight School or FBO

Posted by Carl Helka on

Since the growing popularity of e-commerce, it has become more and more difficult for find products or local pilot shops carrying required material for flight training or aircraft operation.

As an intricate part of the Aviation community as both a retailer and distributor,  Pilots HQ is dedicated to the continued growth of the industry.  Which is why Pilots HQ is offering a variety of way we can help support our crucial flight schools and flight operations. 


1.  Traditional (Buy/Sell) Pilot Shop

Traditional Pilot Shop

Pilots HQ is pleased to announce the expansion of wholesale B2B capabilities, with extra discounts, contract pricing and in some cases net terms. Contact us at: sales@pilotshq.com or call (888)798-4479 for details on how we can help you increase your profitability. Check Out our Wholesale/B2B Line Card.


  • Pricing and Inventory Control


  • Inventory and overhead constraints
  • Limited buying power
  • Inability to compete with online prices

2.  Referral / Affiliate Marketing Program

Pilots HQ Affiliate Marketing Program

A viable alternative to purchasing, stocking and selling required material to your students is an affiliate marketing program.  These programs pay referrers commission from sales on orders collected from their customers simply by providing a unique web link.  Read more about Pilots HQ's Affiliate Marketing Program.


  • No Capital or Cash Requirement
  • Aggressive and Competitive Pricing
  • Perfect for Flight Schools or Instructors with Inventory space constraints. 


  • Orders must be shipped directly to the customer

3.  A Virtual Pilot Shop

Pilots HQ Virtual Pilot Shop Display Case
Pilots HQ Virtual Pilot Shop Kiosk

The virtual pilot shop developed with Pilots HQ can bring the best of both worlds, having high demand items ready and available for local customers as well as offering an extensive catalog for purchasing.  The virtual pilot shop consists of a virtual kiosk often times combined with a display case which allows customers to purchase items both readily available as well as order the products they need delivered directly to their home. 

Read More about the Virtual Pilot Shop offered by Pilots HQ.


  • Reduced cost on initial display case inventory. 
  • Products are readily available for purchase.
  • Multiple Packages available with almost limitless capabilities including:
    • Co-Branded Site accessible from both a kiosk as well as the web. 
    • Will Call Pickup options to limit shipping costs
    • Direct to customer ordering.
    • Pricing Control
    • And Much more


  • Monthly Cost or Minimum Sales requirements.
  • Non-Stocked items must be shipped.

Read More about the Virtual Pilot Shop offered by Pilots HQ.