Whelen -Par36 Quartz Halogen Land Lamp 28V-100W |34-0750767-00



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Whelen - Par36 Quartz Halogen Landing Lamp 28V-100W | 34-0750767-00

Whelen's family of quartz halogen PAR lamps offer two distinct features over standard incandescent PAR lamps; sustained light intensity and 10 times the average life. Tests have shown 250 hours lab life versus 25 for standard off-the-shelf lamps. This dramatically reduces costs associated with replacement labor and parts. Where incandescent lamps decline in intensity (beam candlepower) over time due to filament deterioration, Whelen's family of lamps maintain their rated intensity throughout their life providing a constant level of visibility.


  • Model: Q4591
  • Part Number: 34-0750767-00
  • Description: Quartz Par 36 Lamp, 28V, 100W Landing
  • STC: None
  • Approvals: FAA/PMA