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Icarus Envy is a thoroughly engaging, hour-long documentary film about light sport aviation. It is shot almost entirely in Wisconsin, and provides a thrilling introduction to the world of low and slow flying. Articulate commentary by 14 experienced pilots describe light sport aviation from A to Z, and why they love it. Breathtaking flying scenes from both the ground and in the air, even on skis and floats, are all beautifully orchestrated to an evocative music soundtrack. The viewer learns all about the special joys of this kind of flying and its relative accessibility.

The light sport and ultralight arena is covered in all its diversity, from strap-on powered paragliders to sleek 120mph state-of-the-art, kit-built aircraft. There’s some history of the sport provided, as well-known aviator Tom Kretschman describes the evolution of light sport planes from early hang-gliders to which engines were added.