Vibra-Tite - 805 MS Polymer, 55gal



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Vibra-Tite - 805 MS Polymer, 55gal | 80555

Vibra-Tite 805 Sealant and Adhesive is a multi-purpose one-component structural sealant/adhesive designed for difficult bonding and sealing applications.  805 is moisture curing, tough, elastic and waterproof. 805 often provides primer-less adhesion to steel, aluminum, ceramics, polystyrene, coated metal, glass, wood, fiberglass, and many plastics (Acrylic, Polycarbonate, ABS, and PVC).  805 is also suited for many applications requiring adhesion to concrete and cement-itious building materials.  805 is based on a unique polymer system that will cure at temperatures as low as 13ºF. 805 has excellent weathering characteristics and is suitable for use in all climates.