Sontara Multi-Purpose Shop Towel, 900 Wipes | MP1213BG


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Dupont - Sontara Multi-Purpose Shop Towel, 900 Wipes | MP1213BGΓÇï

Sometimes you need to aggressively scrub and remove dried-on
grunge. Other times you need a soft and thirsty wiper for a delicate
task. Either way, DuPont™ Sontara® Multi-Purpose Shop Towels offer
outstanding strength and absorbency to get the job done quickly
without leaving behind a lot oflint.

Our textured shop towel traps and removes thick and gooey liquids
(ink, oil, paint, resin, syrup), and is good for scrubbing away built-up
contaminants without damaging the underlying surface the way abrasive
pads can.  

The smooth shop towel works great on surfaces like glass and is optimized
for picking up low viscosity fluids. The closed “weave” of the smooth shop
towel makes this product virtually lint-free, yet very strong both wet and dry.
Both textured and smooth shop towels are made with proprietary DuPont
fabrics that stand up to autoclaves, harsh solvents, boiling water, and just
about any cleaning fluid you’ll find in the workplace.