Safer Approaches, Smith | B DNR 230

Darren Smith

B DRN 230

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 Safer Approaches, Smith | B DNR 230

Use the safest, airline-proven flying technique for non-precision approaches that minimizes aerodynamic surprises, and virtually eliminates the possibility of Controlled Flight Into Terrain.
Safer Approaches will teach you how to conduct Instrument Approach Procedures to a higher standard of safety and precision. You will learn:

  • Four Fundamentals of Safe Approaches,
  • How to virtually eliminate possibility of CFIT of Controlled Flight Into Terrain,
  • How to perform a Constant Angle Non-Precision Approach (CANPA),
  • How to calculate a Visual Descent Point (VDP),
  • How to practice building your flying precision.
  • What's inside the package?

The Safer Approaches publication, 14pp.
The Stabilized Approach Descent Rate Table, a plastic 4" x 6" kneeboard sized IFR tool that will eliminate the mental math for applying these techniques during your IFR flying.