Rustlick™ EDM-500 5 Gallon | RL 72055


RL 72055

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Rustlick™ EDM-500 5 Gallon | RL 72055

A synthetic transparent fluorescent green EDM fluids/dielectric oil formulated using raw materials so highly refined and purified that additional additives are not necessary. EDM-500's cosmetic-grade chemical formulation virtually eliminates skin irritation during use. Resists thermal degradation from high-amperage applications up to 400 amps and offers the highest known dielectric strength of any commercially available EDM fluid.

EDM-500 can be used with all types of filters, including: paper cartridge, diatomaceous earth, and edge wafer disposable cartridges.

  • High flash point and dielectric strength
  • Low viscosity, power factor and acid value
  • Resists thermal degradation
  • Transparent, fluorescent green formula
  • Virtually odorless
  • No aromatics