PolyGone™ 310-AG Gel High-Performance Polysulfide Depolymerizer / Stripping Agent

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PolyGone 310-AG is a high-performance Polysulfide Depolymerizer / Stripping Agent designed for aviation use. It removes cured polysulfide and other sealants from various surfaces, including integral fuel tanks, windows, and fairings. Its Gel form has a grape jelly consistency, making it suitable for use on both vertical and inverted surfaces and for spot removal. This proprietary formula expertly penetrates, breaks down, and emulsifies stubborn sealants, suspending them to prevent re-deposition and allowing for easy rinsing.

APPLICATION: PolyGone™ 310-AG Gel can be used at room temperature (68°F-80°F) or with additional heat (up to 120ºF). Agitation, including ultrasonic techniques, is recommended for optimal performance but not required. This helps to remove the digested sealant and exposes fresh layers for better results. It is essential to use PolyGone™ 310-AG Gel at full strength, as dilution and excessive heat can cause the emulsifier to deteriorate. RPM Technology recommends utilizing this product in a well-ventilated area and using a covered cleaning apparatus to prevent evaporation.

RINSE: PolyGone™ 310-AG Gel is water-soluble, making it easy to rinse with either water or a mild cleaner like eOx® from RPM Technology. For even better results, follow with a rinse of pure water. An emulsifier can also be used to enhance rinsing by creating a "sheeting" effect, preventing sealant buildup and reducing water consumption. If water is not an option, a compatible solvent such as IPA or acetone can be used instead.

COMPATIBILITY: The PolyGone™ 310-AG Gel is safe for use with metal surfaces. Its non-ionic, non-reactive formula has been extensively tested on metals such as Cu, Fe, Al, Zn, and Ti, with no evidence of metal loss. However, it can degrade specific polymers and plastics, including PVC and polyvinyl alcohol. We caution against the use of many elastomers. RPM Technology recommends using and storing this product with plastic materials such as Polypropylene, Poly Olefin, Polyethylene (low and high density), Teflon, and Butyl Rubber. It is essential to conduct compatibility testing before use.

Optimal personal protective gear for handling this product includes safety glasses or goggles and gloves made of nitrile or butyl rubber. Aprons are also recommended for added clothing protection. It is best to avoid using gloves made of latex or vinyl.

TOXICITY: PolyGone™ 310-AG Gel is composed of a mixture of polar organic compounds and has a low toxicity level. When diluted, it is considered non-toxic to aquatic organisms. Additionally, it is readily biodegradable and does not accumulate in the environment.

STORAGE: PolyGone™ 310-AG Gel should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from light and incompatible substances. It is best stored at a temperature between 50ºF-80ºF (10ºC-27ºC); under these conditions, unopened containers have a shelf life of 1 year.

DISPOSAL: PolyGone comprises EPA-compliant ingredients and must be disposed of following Federal, State, and Local regulations. If diluted, it can be disposed of at a sewage treatment plant with permission. Used PolyGone may require disposal as organic solvent waste depending on the type of sealants and contaminants it removes. PolyGone's high BTU value allows for management through a fuels-blending program.